Qwest can create and support your energy vision through enabling initiatives to save, generate and sustain energy for businesses, residents and partners, and Qwest can deliver improved services through innovation and transformation to create a more sustainable future which is customer focused and commercially aware.


Lower Energy Costs

Reviewing systems & assets
to reduce energy consumption

Domestic Energy

Providing affordable
warmth to residents

Carbon Footprint

Helping to meet carbon
reduction targets

Complete Service

Implementing, managing and monitoring
your energy programmes



Priority areas of focus include:

  • Efficient use of energy by our clients

  • Supporting community energy

  • Increasing energy security through renewable energy and smart grids

  • Creating a strong energy sector and supporting a low carbon economy

  • Tackling fuel poverty and promoting affordable warmth for all

  • Supporting collaborative project delivery across the council area.


Qwest are able to pull on the expertise of one our major shareholders, ENGIE, who is a proven global energy business based on responsible growth with experience of delivering high-performance, innovative solutions to public bodies across Europe through its expertise in; renewables, energy efficiency, smart and digital technologies.

Combining the knowledge and experience of the Qwest Energy Team with the expertise of ENGIE allows us to maximise opportunities, supporting supply resilience, demand control and revenue generation.

Terr’innove Strategic Programme

Terr’innove is a strategic approach to deliver an action focused energy roadmap that helps to bring forward real projects to achieve carbon reduction ambitions.

The programme is based on achieving energy transition from standard consumption patterns to renewable energies and gradually replacing traditional fossil fuels. Terr’innove will identify major energy schemes and support funding justification.

The Terr’innove approach will provided a roadmap of solutions to support your energy priorities and objectives through:

  • Defining ambitious energy and carbon goals

  • Understanding energy carbon footprint

  • Identifying deliverable renewable energy projects

  • Identifying energy efficiency improvements

  • Identifying technical solutions

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Identifying support programmes and grants