Digital Transformation

Qwest’s digital solutions are focused on citizen interaction and managing service demand.  Our end-to-end solutions enable customers to do more for themselves and make services more effective.  One of our key objectives is to deliver a powerful, seamless, accessible, 24/7 service to users, putting them at the heart of our service delivery with the aim of achieving the majority of interactions through digital channels.



Our technology solutions are designed to provide the necessary tools, systems and processes to support the organisations we work with to enable:

  • Financial savings

  • Improved customer experience

  • Efficiencies through automation and integration with back office systems

  • Improvements to core operational services

  • Solutions which enable a mobile, flexible and agile workforce

  • Improved user access through 24/7 services

  • Staff empowerment to make better use of technology

We provide leading digital transformation services to improve service agility, efficiency, effectiveness and increase customer satisfaction.

User Focused Outputs 

Adopting a user centric approach, we work across multiple levels to incorporate user needs with strategic and departmental requirements into the overall plan, design and implementation of any digital solution.  We can deliver a range of digital transformation products tailored to your user and business needs, including customer experience platforms, full business process redesign, online and mobile app development, customer insight and analytics, automation and AI.

Industry-leading Best Practice

Our digital transformation principles are aligned with the Government Digital Service (GDS) and on an ongoing basis, and as part of our continuous improvement model, we identify and use both in-house and independent analysis and feedback to improve our ability to create the best possible digital user experience.

Case Studies