Customer Services

Qwest provide customer services support through face to face, telephony and online contact.  We have transformed the service, increasing productivity and achieving the high standards demanded by our clients and stakeholders. The introduction of enhanced digital options allows customer to engage with our clients at times and locations that are convenient to them.



Improvement in callsanswered per hour (2015-18)


Savings through contact reduction (2015-18)





Qwest provide face to face contact, telephony and online support in many areas, ranging from ad-hoc requests, relating to bin collections to housing benefit claims, to life impacting events, such as deaths.

  • Planning

  • Benefits

  • Waste & Recycling

  • Highways

  • Revenue

  • Schools

  • Building Control

  • Registration

  • Parking

  • Environment

  • Recruitment

  • Blue Badges

One Team Approach

DMAIC Process Model

DMAIC Process Model

Transforming customer services as one team has provided effective use of resources, better customer experience and improved value for our clients.

Lean tools were used to standardise service delivery, provide consistency and improve productivity. Using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) process the needs of residents are clearly understood and our team can deal with more contacts in a consistent manner.